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Pyro's Peach

Made from 100% peaches!

Sold Out - Returning Soon


Pyro's Peach is crafted solely from 100% peaches! This exquisite delight is guaranteed to impress, boasting incredible peach flavors and aromas that even dry wine enthusiasts appreciate. Dive into a perfect pairing by ordering the Caprese Skewers from our bistro's menu and experience a captivating blend of creamy, tangy, and herbal notes. For the best experience, serve the Pyro's Peach chilled.

Don't miss the chance to indulge in a refreshing glass of frozen peach wine during your next visit to the tasting room. It's a perfect treat to complement your experience.

Coming soon: Peach tasting flight of 4 - peach wine, sparkling peach wine, frozen peach wine, and a unique peach specialty drink.

Size 750 ml
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